Shyh-Chiang Shen

ECE 6453 Electronic Device Theories

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Course Description: This course is meant for ECE graduate students who are interested in advanced semiconductor device technologies. Major topics will cover classical carrier transports, electron-photon interactions, junction theories, two-terminal devices (PN diodes, Schottky diodes, Gunn diodes), three terminal devices (HBT, MESFET, HEMT, HFET, MOSFET, etc.) and multi-terminal devices (pnpn switch, thyristors, etc). Small-signal and large-signal models of RF devices will be dealt with accordingly.

The instructor will focus more on detailed understanding of operation principles and applications of each device technology than on theoretical derivations. The students will also be asked to conduct technical paper research to formulate a term paper on specific topics (to be assigned by the instructor) and also give a presentation of the research results at the end of the semester. Prior knowledge in semiconductor devices therefore would be highly preferred to complete such task.

Instructor: Shyh-Chiang Shen Office: Room 307, Bunger Henry Building

Time: 1:35 – 2:55 P.M., Tue. & Thur. Classroom (Note: Change of classroom!): Room 110 Sustainable Education Building


K. Brennan, The Physics of Semiconductors, Cambridge, 1999, ISBN 0-521-59350-6 (small portion of discussion)

W. Liu, Fundamentals of III-V Devices: HBTs, MESFETs, and HFETs/HEMTs, Wiley Interscience,1999, ISBN 0-471-29700-3 (major textbook to be used)

Suggested Prerequisite: ECE6451 and basic semiconductor undergraduate courses (ECE3040 and ECE3080 equivalent)

Office Hour: TBA TA: NONE

Homework: will be assigned approximately on bi-weekly basis. Not all homework solutions may be given.

Exams: 3 quizzes

Final report: IEEE format, double column,