Lecture Note Listing

School of ECE, Georgia Institute of Technology

ECE6451 (Fall 2007)

Announcement – Important information from the instructor

Guest Lecturer on 11/6:

Invited Speaker: Dr. Jae-Hyun Ryou, Senior Research Engineer, Center for Compound Semiconductors, Georgia Tech

Title: “Advanced Semiconductor Grwoth Technololgy using MOCVD”

* Homework 5, problem 5. Please replace the H22 term (Esub1(0)) with (Esub2(0)). A corrected version of the homework has been uploaded to the website.. (10/27/2007)
* Homework 5, problem 2. You may use the annihilation and creation operator to simply your perturbation evaluation (10/27/2007)
* Homework 5. You should be able to find a fairly succinct final answer for all problems except for problem 4. (10/27/2007)
* There is a typo in problem 1(a) of the Homework 4. Please download the latest version for your homework. Also, the “3 lowest branches” means the “3 lowest energy bands that plot as a function of the wave vector k” in problem 1(d) (10/01/2007)
* The Midterm Examination has been moved to October 11, 2007, Thursday because of the school holiday (10/8-10/9). (9/11/2007)
* The deadline of Homework 1 has been extended to 9/4 (Tuesday). (8/28/2007)