Shyh-Chiang Shen

ECE 3040 Microelectronic Circuits

Spring 2009


Latest News: Please note that all class materials have been moved to T-square. Please check these materials under the “resource” folders. If you have any problems for file access, please contact the instructor.

Course Description: This course teaches fundamental microelectronic device physics including PN junction, MOS capacitors, BJT, and MOSFET, as well as their basic circuit building blocks for ECE students in the junior and senior level.

Instructor: Shyh-Chiang Shen Office: Room 307, Bunger Henry Building

Time: 12:05 PM – 1:25 PM, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays Classroom: Room VL C341, Van Leer Building

Instructor office hours: 1:30PM – 3:00 PM, Fridays

TA:Andrew Harper TA tutorial hours: Mondays 3-4:30 pm; Tuesdays 9-10:30 am (Tutoring Lab on 4th fl. of Van Leer


R. Pierret, Semiconductor Device Fundamentals, 1996, ISBN 0-201-54393-1

R. Jaeger and T. Blalock, Microelectronic Circuit Design, 3rd Ed., 2006 ISBN 0-978-0-07-319163-8

Homework: will be assigned approximately on weekly basis.

Exams: 2 hour exams during the semester and 1 comprehensive final exams