Shyh-Chiang Shen

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Section A:

Time: 10:40 A.M.. – 11:50 A.M., MTWR

Classroom: Van Leer C341

Session A Syllabus

Section B:

Time: 12:00 P.M.. – 1:10 P.M., MTWR

Classroom: Van Leer C341

Session B Syllabus

1. Semiconductor Device Fundamentals, Robert Pierret, ISBN 0-201-54393-1
2. Microelectronic Circuit Design – 2nd edition, Richard Jaeger and Travis Blalock, ISBN 0-07-232099-0

Prerequisite: ECE 2030 and ECE 2040 and Math 2403 and Chem 1211

Office Hour: 5-6 pm, Fridays, Room 255, Bunger-Henry Building

TA: Stuart Duerson, TA Office Hour: Tuesdays: 4-6pm & Thursdays: 4-6pm, CoC 304 (NT lab)